What makes a good tenant?

The tight rental market is not showing any signs of easing in the near future. So, as a prospective tenant, or an existing tenant, it could pay to educate yourself on what a landlord or Real Estate Agency are looking for. As a tenant, your main goals for procuring a property, such as the location, value or features, will drive your decision. On the other hand, the main goal for a landlord is very different; they want to minimise any unnecessary set-backs that could impact their rental income. Follow these five rules to keep your landlord happy and the relationship stress-free.

Ace the application

Sounds simple, but this will minimise any back and forth by making it easy for the landlord to understand your personal and financial situation. Be sure to submit any required documents and referee contact details. 

Back it up with behaviours

Agencies are able to check against industry databases to see if you have been blacklisted from renting by another agency, or have been in breach of previous rental terms and conditions. A proven track record of renting without issue will go in your favour. To get and maintain a good history be sure to pay rent on time and follow the conditions set out in your lease agreement. 

Upkeep and maintenance

Damage caused by tenants can have an impact on the landlord’s income. While it is very reasonable for a tenant to expect maintenance items to be tended to promptly; on the flip side landlords also expect that a tenant won’t do unnecessary harm to their property. Keeping areas of the home like the kitchen and bathroom in a clean condition, free from grime and mould, plus tending to the garden, can help protect the investment from avoidable maintenance costs. 

Communication and flexibility

Good tenants are easy to reach and proactive with communication. They make an effort to accommodate access when required and are reasonable with requests. 

Staying power

Renewing the lease is a win for both parties, stability in accommodation for the tenant and stability in income for the landlord. If both landlord and tenant are upholding their sides of the agreement then a lease renewal will benefit all parties.

Follow these five rules of renting to help secure and maintain the best rental for your needs. Visit our current rental listing page to see what properties are currently available.