Selling With Harrison Agents


Why sell with us

Sales professionals, negotiators, analysts, business managers and marketers. Each tasked with a different role but following the same mission to provide a consultative approach that delivers a better understanding and develops real solutions to service our clients. Our team is skilled at asking the right questions, creating a deep and wide analysis and then presenting viable solutions to achieve our client’s strategic goals. We work cohesively to provide a comprehensive overview of the local real estate market and offer expert advice on the sale of each property.

Our aim is to represent a new era of real estate sales combining the Tasmanian values of hard work and community with our island’s modern era of creativity and contemporary sophistication, both in our marketing and the way in which we serve you. We also aim to deliver this service with humility, authenticity and a problem-solving mindset.
We are committed to delivering you value through the up-skilling of our agents specifically around negotiation best practices and digital solutions.
Our longstanding success has been built on our strong relationships with our clients developed through our customer-centric approach and commitment to delivering value.

The Harrison Difference

We are 100% Tasmanian-owned and operated, and none of our profits go to a head office interstate or overseas.

We live and breathe out values of community, innovation, leadership, teamwork and responsibility.

We see ourselves as a blend of real estate and creative agency, embracing innovation to solve problems.

We are committed to delivering exceptional marketing campaigns using the latest tools and technologies.

The Harrison family celebrates over six generations of real estate experience in Tasmania.

Our service blueprint drives innovation and success across our business portfolios.