Our History

6 Generations of Tasmanian Real Estate 

Whilst first opening its doors in 1984, the pioneering story of Harrison Agents stems further back to 1842 when current director Tom Harrison’s great, great, great grandfather C J Weedon opened his auctioneering and general merchant business in Launceston, Tasmania.

This business expanded into stockbroking and was even listed on the Australian stock exchange for a period. In 1984, Tom’s father Robert M Harrison, left the business and began Harrison Humphreys with co- director Gordon Humphreys. The business operated under this banner until Tom Harrison became sole owner in 2020 and the business was subsequently rebranded Harrison Agents. The business now covers the North and the South of the state with an office in central Launceston and another in Salamanca Square, Battery Point.

Harrison Agents represents the new era of Tasmanian real estate combining the typically Tasmanian values of hard work and community with our island’s modern era of creativity and contemporary sophistication, both in our marketing and the way in which we serve our clients.

180 Years of History


Charles James Weedon commenced business as an auctioneer, sharebroker and general merchant trading as C.J. Weedon and Co. Within a few years this business became the largest auctioneer business in Launceston as extensive properties passed through his hands. Charles was also the director of the bank of Tasmania and member of the Legislative Council and in 1852 when Launceston was proclaimed a municipality was elected one of the original seven Aldermen.


In 1870 C. J. Weedon was joined in the business by his son Hardwicke Weedon. Apart from a successful career within C.J. Weedon, Hardwicke was a member of many company boards which included the Launceston Bank for Savings and the Launceston Gas Company. He was also a Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Tasmania.


In 1900 C.J. Weedon’s grandson, Percival A. Harrison joined the firm, continuing the family tradition within the industry. Percy was a prominent Tasmanian business identity not only from his tenure with C.J. Weedon but at board level of many publicly listed companies which included the Mount Bischoff Mining Company. Percy was also Chairman of the Launceston Stock Exchange.


In 1933, Percival’s son Charles A Harrison, known as Tom, a great grandson of C. J. Weedon joined the firm. Tom’s career was interrupted by WWII where he served in the Middle East in the battle of El Alamein. Upon his return to Launceston, Tom served as president of the state’s Real Estate Institute and was a board member of the Cornwall Coal Mining company which is still operating today.


Tom Harrison’s son Robert M Harrison, a great great grandson of C. J. Weedon left the Weedon business, and formed another real estate firm Harrison Humphreys with Gordon Humphreys. To this day, Robert is a well known real estate identity and was a board member of many Tasmanian and Australian property related institutions highlighted by his time as President of the Northern branch of the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania.


Harrison Humphreys was rebranded as Harrison Agents with Robert’s son and 6th generation real estate principal Thomas A Harrison (also known as Tom) now at the helm. The organisation’s Hobart office was opened later that year in Salamanca Square, Battery Point with the brand servicing both the North and South of the state.

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