Our top five tips for choosing a rural lifestyle property.

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Imagine waking up to the sound of native birds, a breeze rustling through the leaves of your orchard, and an expanse of green fields beneath a wide, open sky. If this is your dream, a move to a rural lifestyle property in Tasmania might be perfect for you. Whether it’s hobby farming or enjoying a tranquil tree-change, Tasmania, with its diverse landscape from the historic farmlands of the Huon Valley to the fertile vineyards in the Tamar Valley, offers idyllic settings for your rural retreat.

Before embarking on this exciting journey, consider these five essential factors:

Rural areas vary greatly, and the location of your property significantly influences your lifestyle. Remember to consider the proximity to necessary amenities and the quality of internet connectivity if you plan on working remotely. Also, the weather patterns and climate in your chosen area will complement your desired lifestyle.

Water Supply
In rural Tasmania, from East Coast to West, most properties depend on rainwater tanks. It’s crucial to assess the capacity and refill frequency of these tanks. Ensure the safety of the water source, whether it’s a tank, bore, or well, as treatments might be necessary.

Soil Quality
For hobby farming, the quality of the soil is paramount. Given Tasmania’s varied soil types, from the fertile earth of Coal River Valley to the rich loams of North West Coast, consider having a soil test done for accurate assessment.

Evaluate the current infrastructure like sheds, fences, and water troughs. Consider their condition and the cost of any necessary additions or upgrades. Also, factor in the state of access roads and the expense of maintaining them.

Zoning and Regulations
Acquaint yourself with the zoning laws and environmental regulations affecting the property. Restrictions on land use or permits for certain activities could influence your plans.

In summary, the enchanting rural life of Tasmania provides a delightful escape from urban hustle. By conducting thorough research and taking into account these factors, you’ll be one step closer to turning your dreams into reality on your perfect rural lifestyle property.

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