Our Top 7 Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling a property can be daunting. For most of us, it’s one of the largest transactions we will make in our lifetime. Sound professional advice and these tips can help demystify the process to make for a smoother and more successful sale. Here are our top considerations when selling your property in Tasmania, including tips and tricks from the experts.


Although not always within your control, timing can be an important factor when selling your home. In spring and summer months homes can look their best, so it may be advantageous to list your property during these peak periods. Don’t rule out the cooler months though as you may be able to list your property when there are not as many properties for buyers to choose from thus reducing your competition. Other factors to consider such as your personal circumstances and the state of the property market will also play a role in your decision.


Choosing the right property consultant is key when selling your property. Experience selling properties similar to yours, a good reputation, and effective communication/negotiation are key traits to look out for. A skilled agent will be able to use their experience and local area knowledge to help you set the right price, sales strategy and market your property effectively. Use reviews, word of mouth and face-to-face meetings to determine the right agent for you.

Legal Requirements

Buying and selling of property in Tasmania involves strict legal requirements and processes. It’s important to understand your obligations and to work with a qualified conveyancer or solicitor to ensure that your sale is legal and properly documented.


Presentation of your home for sale is an important step in the process that should not be skimmed over. Set time aside to make sure your property looks its best, both inside and out. This may involve decluttering, making repairs, and professional styling of your home. Discuss the potential benefits of small investments, such as a fresh coat of paint or additional landscaping, with your agent. A small financial investment may pay off ten-fold if it increases the perceived value of your property.


Setting the optimal price for your property is a critical step in the selling process. Setting a realistic price will attract more potential buyers and increase the chances of competition. An experienced property consultant will help you determine the right price based on factors such as the location, size, and condition of your property. 


Most of us are not marketing experts, this is where a good real estate agent can help you.  A strong marketing plan that includes advertising, online listings, and open houses will generate interest in the home. It will showcase the best features of your property and make sure they’re presented in a professional and attractive manner to prospective buyers. The greater the interest generated, the more likely you are to achieve a great financial outcome. 


Your property consultant should be experienced in the process of negotiation and handle these conversations on your behalf as a normal part of the sale. Expect there to be some back and forth between potential buyers and be prepared to listen to price feedback so you can evaluate offers as they come in. 

In short, selling can be daunting. By following these five tips we hope you can increase your chances of you achieving your property goals. If you are thinking of selling your home or are simply interested in its current market value please reach out for a free market appraisal.