• Sorell
  • House
54 Pennington Drive
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2 Cars
$ 715,000
Discover the poetic charm of 54 Pennington Drive, a haven where modernity whispers in every corner, nestled in the vibrant embrace of Sorell. Built on the 30th of March 2022 on a generous canvas of 601 m², this home is a symphony of serene living and contemporary elegance.

Within its walls, three bedrooms unfold like a quiet dream, each a sanctuary of peace, offering a gentle retreat from the world. The 2.5 bathrooms are not just spaces but experiences, where modernity meets art, each detail crafted for comfort wrapped in luxury.

At the heart, the living and dining realms flow in an open embrace, where light dances on surfaces, and space sings with possibility. The kitchen, a masterpiece of form and function, awaits the touch of a culinary artist, turning meals into memories.

Step outside, and the melody of nature greets you. The backyard, a landscaped masterpiece, is a canvas of green splendor, an oasis of tranquility that invites you to lose yourself in its embrace. It's a space for laughter to bloom and moments to be savoured under the open sky.

The beauty of this home is matched only by its locale, a stone's throw from the pulse of amenities that Sorell offers. Life here is a seamless blend of convenience and charm, with less than a two-minute drive to schools, childcare, shops, and eateries all within a gentle stroll.

54 Pennington Drive isn't just a home; it's a whisper of dreams yet to be woven, a place where every corner tells a story, and every moment is a verse in the poem of life. Awaiting its next chapter, this abode invites you to be not just an occupant, but a soul in its poetic journey.

$ 715,000

Property Information

  • Residential Sale
  • TAS
  • Hobart & Southern
  • Sorell
  • House
  • Sold
  • 125 sqm
  • 601 sqm
  • 2
  • $1,786.40 Per Year
  • $1,110.00 Per Year